The Warrior's Guild

Leader: Byron Fergus (Human)
General Purpose: To train those showing martial promise.
Approximate Number of Members: 500
Public Goals:

  1. Provide safe arenas for martial combat
  2. Teach both new and old warriors how to fight more effectively
  3. Use combat as a means to better society

Prominent Members:

  • Byron Fergus – Leader of the guild
  • Derien Greenguard – Guild champion
  • Ria FancĂ© – Official recruiter for new members

Overview: The Warrior’s Guild is the first of all the guilds to have risen on Cyanoor. Founded by Byron Fergus and run by the same man, it exists to give training for those who wish to learn the way of martial combat. It is one of the closed guilds, which means it does not allow anyone to live in its district unless they are fully affiliated with the guild. Byron believes that by teaching fighters with respect for civilization, they will procede with careers that benefit all.

Rules and Regulations: The Warrior’s Guild holds stricter laws than most of the other guilds, the only exception being the Merchant’s Guild. Prohibiting acts such as murder (accidental or otherwise), destruction of property, breaking and entering, wandering after district curfew, and any sort of theft, they maintain that all their members uphold the laws of the land they are in, and presses a good conscience in the hopes that students will bring a good reputation, both to the island’s other guilds as well as to the mainland.

The Guild Today: Currently, the Warrior’s Guild is completely locked down. One morning, several complaints were received by citizens when their requests to enter the gates of the Warrior’s District were met with nothing. No voiced denial, only the barred gates. None of the other guilds have publicly voiced any opinions yet, but one thing is for sure: everyone wants to know why.

The Warrior's Guild

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