The Thief's Guild

Leader: Unknown
General Purpose: Making maximum profit through theft.
Approximate Number of Members: 50 or less
Public Goals:

  1. Obtain true guild status
  2. Work through the shadows to acheive personal wealth
  3. Avoid capture/detainment in any of the districts

Prominent Members:

  • Terran Dill – Supposed thief, member of Merchant’s Guild

Overview: Not an actual guild, this gang of thieves lairs inside the Ghost District, the only district not ruled or protected by a guild. Since those who are too poor or too prejudiced to live in a Guild District must then live in the Ghost District, they are preyed upon by this ‘guild’. The first mention of a Thief’s Guild appeared less than 2 years ago, when several wealthy members of the Merchant, Mage, Deity and Warrior’s Guilds found their houses rifled through, and on each scene was left a letter. The letter named these citizens as ‘self-righteous and selfish’, and claimed that they had reaped what they had sowed in this, the first actions of the Thief’s Guild.

Rules and Regulations: Although very little is known about this guild, several of their members have turned up dead, supposedly killed by other members of the guild. On each was a letter of their wrongdoings, which has led to a catalogue of actions deemed punishable by death in this guild:

  • Stealing from someone who ’didn’t deserve it’
  • Robbing another member of the guild
  • Turning in, or blowing the cover of, another thief
  • Murdering somebody on the job

There have been very few of these incidents, but all that have occured within the public eye have been recorded by the Informer’s Guild.

The Guild Today: Since the first heist, very few jobs have been publicly linked with the Thief’s Guild. The overall number of muggings and thefts has gone up, though, ever since the guild first announced itself. There has been mention of a grand unveiling of the guild, as well as installation of a head council, but none of these tidbits can really be trusted as accurate.

The Thief's Guild

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