The Seafarer's Guild

Leader: Indicus (Waterborn Genasi)
General Purpose: Working the seas around Cyanoor for profit
Approximate Number of Members: 700
Public Goals:

  1. Provide passage to and from Cyanoor
  2. Facilitate trade with the continent of Eywen
  3. Work as naval scouts and marines, as well as provide entertainment for citizens

Prominent Members:

  • Indicus, Guild Leader and Founder
  • Ivanstarn, High Marine

Overview: The Seafarer’s Guild is not a new guild to the island, since the trade of ferrying people from the mainland to the subtropical island was quickly monopolized. This guild is in close companionship with the Merchant’s Guild, making their wages by shipping common supplies from Eywen to Cyanoor. They are a fairly large guild, requiring no small number of sailors to operate, however, their district is fairly small, as many of them live on their ships even when docked.

Rules and Regulations: The Seafarer’s Guild has simple rules, preventing direct interference with another ship’s work, and although they do create fierce competition amongst sailors, most of the members are well-to-do enough to treat it as business games and little more. Other laws state that ship owners must register their travels, which helps to prevent piracy, and that travellers must always give their name to ships they take passage on, which is an attempt to keep tabs on suspicious characters entering or leaving Cyanoor.

The Guild Today: Today, there aren’t throngs of people coming to escape the war, although the popularity of this island as a retreat keeps the ferry business moving. For the most part, the guild works to transport goods to and from the island, making easily more than half of its profits through delivery. Another duty it serves is as a navy, warding off pirates, and as a partner to the Hunter’s Guild in terms of fishing.

The Seafarer's Guild

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