The Merchant's Guild

Leader: Nebin ‘Sale’ Kyri (Gnome)
General Purpose: To regulate the flow of money throughout Cyanoor.
Approximate Number of Members: 850
Public Goals:

  1. Uphold the name of the guild above all else
  2. Offer the most profitable prices on everyday services
  3. Store money for those who can pay for the service

Prominent Members:

  • Nebin ‘Sale’ Kyri – Leader of the guild
  • Terran Dill – Least respectable member
  • Dwen Llitiel – Most appreciated member, official adjuticator of market value
  • Drell Monsurr – Official adjudicator of guild legislation

Overview: The Merchant’s Guild is exactly what it sounds like: a guild of people who sell resources and commodities for profit. Most of the other guilds will come to them, both to buy wares services and to sell their own. While they do not hold a monopoly on every deal that is made, they do try to make it that way. This guild is open, allowing anyone to live in their district, regardless of affiliation. However, they do require that you follow their laws while inside the Merchant’s District, and have easily enough coin to purchase defenses.

Rules and Regulations: The Merchant’s Guild has a strict set of laws that all parties must agree to before entering into negotiations with them. They are:

  1. While within the walls of the district, the following acts may not be committed: theft, murder, damage to property, slander, threats, impersonation and entering private property.
  2. Any building in the district is deemed private property by the one who owns it. If they so choose, the owner can deem a building public, thus allowing anyone to enter it freely. A building cannot be both of these at once, and neither can it be changed once the deed is set.
  3. Members of the guild may sell any commodity or resource, but at a price within a 20% range of the general Market Price. All market prices can be found on official posting boards, or can be inquired for from any guild member. Market Prices are to be determined by the guild adjuticator of market value.
  4. Any and all of the above laws are voided in the cases of guild investigation, which must be confirmed and directed at all times by the guild leader.
    These are the common laws that the guilds lives by. When specificity is needed, the guild adjuticator of legislation is called upon to judge the applicability of any laws.

The Guild Today: The Merchant’s Guild is fighting to keep its name clear. For with a time of peace comes people who wish to exploit it, and the guild has had a fair share of requests to begin an unofficial black market. However, the guild publicly denounces such things, and works to dispel any doubts on its legality. Certain products are not to be sold, slavery and assassination being the two biggest problems the guild has to deal with.

The Merchant's Guild

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