The Informer's Guild

Leader: Erishti (Shardmind)
General Purpose: To gather and transport information
Approximate Number of Members: 200
Public Goals:

  1. Gather knowledge in any form available
  2. Sequester dangerous information while offering prudent advice for the general populace
  3. Deliver messages throughout the world quickly and efficiently

Prominent Members:

  • Erishti – Leader of the guild, lead psychic
  • Teros – Highrunner
  • Never – Fledgeling Runner Guard

Overview: The Informer’s Guild was requested by Byron Fergus rather early on, but his wish was never realized until Erishti took up residence in the burgeoning town. Supposedly from beyond this plane, he arrived as just the scholar Byron had been asking for. Although he was more focused on gathering as much knowledge as possible, he followed the advice given him, making a fair amount of money in a short period of time due to the need for secure tranferral of messages, from private guild-to-guild dealings to the common citizen’s letter to his ailing aunt. People flocked to the swelling business, creating a guild of librarians and messengers.

Rules and Regulations: The guild impresses fairly strict rules upon its members. Being separated into two divisions, it is only natural to have laws for each. The Keepers, those who collect, store, and protect the libraries and other knowledge, are charged with keeping dangerous knowledge hidden, revealing esoteric knowledge when it will prove beneficial, and keeping the immense collections of remaining information safe, in that order. This side of the guild is Erishti’s favourite, as this was what he claimed to have entered Eywen for. The other division, the Runners, are charged with delivering information, as instructed. They deliver messages throughout Cyanoor; indeed, throughout Eywen, and are esteemed for their vows to never compromise the messages they are given. All members of the guild are expected to follow the laws of the land.

The Guild Today: The guild’s name has never been compromised, accounting for a measure of confidence and, as such, power, for this guild. However, the sudden turn in the Warrior’s Guild has many scrambling for reasons why, and for once, the Informer’s Guild is left without answers. But this will be remedied soon, if the guild has its way.

The Informer's Guild

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