The Crafter's Guild

Leader: Granik Cobblestone (Dwarf)
General Purpose: To assist craftsmen of all kinds in selling their wares.
Approximate Number of Members: 700
Public Goals:

  1. To create affordable lifestyles for specialized workers
  2. To provide a trustworthy source of contractors and workers
  3. To record member’s acheivements for greater reknown

Prominent Members:

  • Granik Cobblestone – Leader of the guild, Bowmaker
  • Thorngrim Anvilfire – Weaponsmith, Armoursmith, Blacksmith
  • Tool – Miner, Common Labourer

Overview: This is the third guild to have been founded on Cyanoor. Providing both a job-finding and worker-finding network, it is one of the easiest ways for middle and upper class craftsmen to make their trade known. Its district has closed residential living; however, it still very busy, with locations designated for every type of trade offered. Real estate becomes extermely pricey when you move closer to these hubs of commerce, since this allows workers to show off their trade on the main city squares.

Rules and Regulations: Although it may seem to counter the guild’s goal of offering trustworthy working contracts, the guild has no laws stating that members must keep their contracts. The only way one can hope to ensure the credibility of one’s workers is through the guilds records of the workers’ past jobs. Since these are well kept and stored both on person and in secure vaults, this means that one background check satisfies most potential customers.

The Guild Today: The population of this guild is constantly in flux. Over the past few years of rapid growth in Cyanoor’s population, the number of guild members has fluctuated constantly, due to the splitting off into new guilds. This has been a major concern for this guild, but also a point of pride. Having spawned these lesser guilds, they gain prestige even through the exploits of those who are no longer in their guild. The Warrior’s Guild’s recent closing was not received well, cutting sharply into the profits of weapon makers and the like. However, the guild has not released a public statement on the matter.

The Crafter's Guild

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