The Legend of Cyanoor

Day 2 - The Anarchists

Today, the group of adventurers led by Captain Steelbones found and eliminated the kobold party.

Beginning their travel at sunrise, they made good time to the Balmed Mountains, only stopping once for a narrowly avoided surprise attack by a pair of bugbear bandits. Thankfully, the drow and the Captain managed to spot them before they got too close. As such, they were able to mount a flawless defensive to meet the charging bugbears. The battle was hairy, pun intended. The bugbears were strong, having survived for so long on their own, and easily bloodied members of the adventuring party before much time passed.

Thankfully, the otherwise ineffective unarmed human priest managed to keep the fight in their favour with bursts of powerful healing energy. The tiefling showed his dark heritage through combat with an infernally summoned sword, the drow displayed underhanded talents so often attributed to his race, the Captain kept the mobility of his opponents rigid, and the razorclaw dealt powerful blows against the chaotic creatures, backed by the power of his deity.

After the goblinoids were dispatched, they party reached the mountain they were seeking without trouble. And after a half day of searching the mountainside, the human priest managed to finally spot a cave, and the party made the climb up to it. The inside was dark, so nobody noticed the kobolds inside until the drow had a chance to peek in, noticing them laying asleep in piles of rubbish.

The plan was to kill many in their sleep and question the rest, but the plan literally fell through when the razorclaw priest triggered a false floor covering set up by the kobolds. Nearly every member of the party failed to get across the pit until a sunrod was activated, and a heroic series of leaps and bounds brought the heroes to the kobolds. The battle quickly turned against the kobolds, and everyone managed to execute some amazing techniques or tactical maneuvers.

However, the kobolds were all slain within seconds of each other, leaving none left alive to question. But having completed one of their objectives, the group prepared to return to the city limits with news of the kobolds destruction.



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