The Legend of Cyanoor

Day 1 - The Fall of The Warrior's Guild

Today, the Warrior’s Guild fell into silence.

A meeting was called at the East Gate, summoning all who wished to find answers or had any information to offer. Only two members of the Warrior’s Guild are left: Ria and ‘Steelbones’. The two of them attempted to piece together as much of the puzzle as possible, but one thing remained completely unsolvable: nobody knows why it happened.

It occured at just before midnight. All contact with those inside the district ended, and the wall’s powerful wards flared, activated by those inside. They are designed to prevent entry from both mundane and magical means, and are extremely powerful. However, they require a monumental amount of energy to sustain. As such, the wards will fail at about 72 hours after they were activated. Ria has organised several groups and stationed them to be ready to move in when the wards fall. They will search for anyone inside and attempt to discover the meaning of the district closure.

After the gathering had dispersed, Ria and Steelbones worked hard to arrange a second meeting at a large tavern in the Seafarer’s District. From those invited, they carefully culled 25 skilled adventurers and separated them into five grouops of five each. Each group was sent to accomplish a task that could possibly be related to the mystery.

One such group, consisting of a pair of humans, a dark elf, a tiefling and a razorclaw, was tasked with going into the northern mountain range known as the Balmed Mountains. They were ordered to locate a cave housing a squad of kobold inssurectionists, an anarchist splinter cell from the Dhakaani empire. They must then ascertain from them where a larger force of lizardfolk warriors are, eliminate the kobolds, and return with the information.



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