Welcome to the realm of Tannorei!

Set on a tropical island, this campaign gives characters a rich, cultured world to explore in classic D&D style.

Eywen is experiencing a time of peace; odd, for a world in which war has been the paramount concern for over a century. The 4th War ended barely fourteen years ago, and the island of Cyanoor is rebuilding its economy. The war never quite reached it, although the combat could be seen across the inlet separating the island from the main continent of Eywen.

The town of Cyanoor, named after the island it is located upon, is experiencing days of gold. The soldiers have returned home, bringing with them tales of the war and the riches plundered from it. Although the war is over, the need for capable fighters is always present, and as such, the town’s unofficial leader has started a Warrior’s Guild.

The Warrior’s Guild was founded one year after 4th War’s End, and it’s thirteenth anniversary brought a wave of travellers and tourists from Eywen. The island is becoming more populated, and businesses of all sorts have sprung up. Most of the success can be placed upon the shoulders of the Warrior’s Guild, which, although certainly not the grandest in the lands, is considered one of the best on the west side of the continent.

New guilds have risen with the town, including a small Mage’s Guild, a prospering Seafarer’s Guild, a highly trusted Merchant’s Guild, and many more. Over another two decades, the town grows into a city of nearly five thousand people. It still retains its tropical island glamour, but now holds the splendours of a well governed metropolita.

Today, Cyanoor is still thriving. Guilds own the city, separating it into districts that span nearly the island’s breadth. Some of the town’s initial members still live, and are revered as elders. Although they hold no political authority, their role as school teachers gives them some power.

But a shadow rises on the seaside city: the Warrior’s guild has closed overnight. Having been founded before any of the other guilds gave it immense stature, so its closing has caused consternation among the other guilds. The entire Warrior’s District has been locked down, and none of the other guilds or town members have worked up the courage to break in.


The Legend of Cyanoor

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